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PPR Wiki

This web site is about a PostScript print spooler called PPR.

Due to the activity of wiki spammers, most of the pages on this site are 'locked'. If you would like to edit a page, write to David.Chappell@trincoll.edu.

This web site is a wiki. A wiki is a website which can be edited by its visitors. This site uses the UseMod:UseModWiki software. You can edit any page in this website by clicking on the edit link at the bottom. This will open an edit box with the page content. The content will look a little different since it is maked up according to the UseMod:TextFormattingRules. These rules are pretty simple. They are mostly the kind of things one would use in e-mail or on a typewritter, such as using astrisks for bullet points.

Table of Contents

To create a new chapter, edit this page and create a new bullet point. Use the existing ones as a model. Notice that there is a topic label on the left which consists of several capitalized words run together. Any "word" with capitals in the middle is automatically considered a link to a topic. Once you have saved this page with your new topic listed in it, you will see that there is a hyperlinked question mark next to your new topic name. Click on it and an blank page will open where you can type your document.

The PPR home page is at http://ppr.trincoll.edu.

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