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Browser HTML 4.0 ImagesJavascriptw3c DOM CSS
Netscape 4.x No Yes Yes No Broken
Mozilla 1.x Yes Yes Yes Yes Good
IE 6.0 Win32 No Yes Yes Yes Poor
IE 5.x MacOS ? Yes Yes ? Fair
Konqueror Yes Yes Yes Yes Good
Safari Yes Yes Yes Yes Good
Opera Yes Yes Yes Yes Good
Dillo ? Yes No No No
BrowseX ? Yes Some ? No
Lynx No No No No No
Links ? Yes Some No? No
W3M ? No? No No No

Links to Browsers

Please add any that are missing.

Browser Compatibility Strategy

An attempt has been made to write the PPR web interface so that quality degrades gracefully if one uses a reduced-capabilty browser. It is deemed important that the web interface behave well in high-quality text-mode browers and in browsers without CSS, frames, and JavaScript. Though some workarounds for buggy browser have been included, it is recomended that you run a recent release of an actively maintained browser.

Mozilla 1.x/Firefox

This browser is the full-size reference browser for PPR development. It runs the PPR web interface almost perfectly. If a w3c standard feature doesn't work in Mozilla it probably doesn't work anywhere.


Links version 2.1pre4 running in text-mode with JavaScript turned off is the text-mode reference browser used for PPR development. It is also the principal low-end graphical reference browser. Version 2.1pre13, at least as distributed with Mandrake Linux has a bug which prevents opening links in new windows.


This is a small, light browser for X-Windows. It is the the second low-end-graphical reference browser used for PPR development.

Konqueror and Safari

Some testing is with these browsers. In PPR 1.52 the >JavaScript menus work only just well enough to be an impediment to navigation. This will be fixed in PPR 1.53.

Netscape 4.x

While PPR still contains some work-arounds for this browser, testing isn't done anymore. It is notorious for having what is presumably a pre-alpha CSS implementation which frequently crashes the browser. Don't use this unless you have too. If you really need a small browser, try Dillo.

IE 6.x for Win32

Though this browser is buggy and not actively maintained (as of February 2004), some testing is done with this browser because people insist on using it. It mostly works, but anything that will run this will run Mozilla too. Go get Mozilla.


This is an obsolete browser. It implements HTML 3.0, a proposed standard that was never adopted. It doesn't support tables. Upgrade to Links.

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