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HP JetDirect (internal)

PPR has been extensively tested with HP printers with internal JetDirect cards.

JetDirect is HP's brand name for ethernet cards for printers and ethernet to parallel port converts. The internal ethernet cards are used extensively at Trinity College where PPR is written. They have proved to be high quality, useful, and dependable devices. These devices support a number of protocols, including:


The jetdirect interface is a version of the tcpip interface program with default options appropriate for HP's version of the protocol. The interface just opens a connection to port 9100 and blasts the data down it. Control codes such as control-d for end-of-job work just like they do on the printers serial or parallel ports, so you can use the "control-d" jobbreak method if you want to. For HP printers which support PJL, you can use the "pjl" jobbreak method. If the PPD file which you have selected indicates the printer supports PJL, this will be set for you automatically.


This interface is highly recommended. It works in bidirectional mode. These printer advertise AppleTalk names with several types, including LaserWriter, which is probably what you should use in the address.

Some printers will give better status reporting if one selects the signal/pjl jobbreak method. However the LaserJet 4M will malfunction. The LaserJet 4M+ works fine though.

Jobbreak method signal/pjl isn't selected automatically even if the PPD file indicates that the printer supports PJL because though the PPD file for the HP LaserJet indicates that it supports PJL, it doesn't over AppleTalk.


Though the "lpr" interface works, it is not recomended since it doesn't permit two-way communication with the PostScript interpreter.

If you really want to try it, Use a queue name of "RAW".


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